Triton ATM Part Repair

Triton ATM Series Supported

9500 RL5000
9600 FT5000
Mako FT7000
9100 RT2000
9700 RL2000

ATM Parts Repaired/Refurbished:

Card Readers (all types)
PCBs (all types)
Printers (all types)
Dispensers (all types – SDD, NMD, Mini-Mech, TDM, Uni-note, Fujitsu)
LCDs (all types)
Depositories (FT7000)

Circuitech offers process-driven repair services on the entire spectrum of parts used in Triton ATMs. Our engineering team and experienced technicians together with OEM training allow us to keep current on the newest of Triton’s offerings including the FT7000 and its Fujitsu components. Our expansive tech center gives us the space necessary to maintain end-unit test beds for all of the Triton machines from the 9500 to the current production machines. Our dispenser mechanism, high-end PCB and LCD repair capabilities make Circuitech the perfect repair partner choice for maintaining your Triton needs. Please feel free to contact us with any Triton ATM parts repair questions that you may have.

Triton atm1

Triton ATM

Triton ATM2

Triton ATM3