Kiosk Part Repair

Whether you are a kiosk manufacturer/integrator, kiosk component manufacturer/distributor, field service organization, or kiosk end user, you will benefit from partnering with Circuitech to repair and refurbish your kiosk parts. From shortening your supply lines by keeping you supplied with high quality parts in a timely fashion, to enabling you to penetrate new markets, Circuitech’s expertise will be an integral part of your business plan. The components and manufacturers referenced in this section are only a sample of the items and vendors that Circuitech currently supports for a wide variety of users. In addition, our engineering and development team and process-driven technical capabilities allow us to expand quickly into new technology areas. Please contact us with your Kiosk parts repair questions or inquiries.

Kiosk Types Currently Supported:

Gaming Ticket Redemption Kiosks
Bill Payment Kiosks
Postal Center Kiosks
Prescription Medication Dispensing Kiosks
Coin Dispensing
Parking Ramp Kiosks
Other Media Dispensers
“Bill Busting” Kiosks
Account Inquiry Interactive Terminals
Hospitality Serf-Service Kiosks
Bulk Deposit Kiosks

Kiosk Parts Currently Repaired:

Card Devices (Sanyo, Omron, others)
Printers (Epson, Fujitsu, others)
Currency Handling Equipment (many types)
Displays/Digital Signage
PC Cores and miscellaneous PCBs
Coin Dispensing Devices (Money Controls, others)
Coin and Currency Acceptors/Dispensers (MEI, JCM and others)
Check 21 Compliant Acceptance and Validating Devices
Biometric Devices
Currency Recyclers
High-end Vending Devices


Kiosk 2

Fastlane4 and Kiosk 3