Fujitsu ATM Part Repair

Several years ago, Circuitech added a full spectrum of Fujitsu equipment repair/rebuild capabilities that extends to the Fujitsu U-Scan self-checkout system. We have technical personnel that are Fujitsu trained and certified in the repair and rebuild of the Fujitsu components used in the system, as well as years of valuable experience in supporting our customer’s equipment. Our technicians also have been trained and certified in the repair/rebuild of the DeLaRue currency dispensers used in some of these systems. This OEM knowledge base extends to our non-technical staff as well (Material Handling, Procurement, Administrative and Marketing). Circuitech brings the same philosophy of quality parts returned to our customers in a timely fashion at a competitive price to the self-checkout market as has been its hallmark in the ATM parts market for 15 years. If you are looking for a partner to solve your Fujitsu U-Scan self-checkout parts repair needs, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Fujitsu F50, F53, F56, F100, F400, F510, F610 with PCB repair for all.

Currency Dispenser / Cash Recycling Repair
De La Rue NMD50 Currency Dispenser Repair
LCD Replacement Drop-in Displays
Miscellaneous PCB Repair
Printer Repair
Scanner/Scale Repair